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Since 1965, Parkview Services for Seniors has provided a warm community of senior housing and long-term care homes in Stouffville, Ontario. Parkview serves seniors by celebrating aging and nurturing community through stellar care and the fostering of positive and friendly relationships.

To meet the needs of their seniors, Parkview employs several hundred staff members, processing roughly 200 payslips bi-weekly.

Before implementing InStaff in 2015, payslips were printed from their payroll software, hand folded, sealed into envelopes, then alphabetized at reception, where employees would pick them up. This process took payroll staff roughly 5 hours every pay period. That's 130 working hours a year spent folding and sorting paper. There were constant interruptions at reception as 200 employees would come to pick up their payslips on payday and the days following. The process was time consuming, inefficient, and cumbersome for everybody.

Parkview needed a better way to distribute payslips at pay time. Searching for a solution that would allow them to upload payslips for employees to securely view online, they found InStaff – and have never looked back.

Hours to Minutes

Distributing payslips – work that previously took Parkview's payroll staff 5 hours of printing, folding, stuffing, sealing and sorting, every pay period – is now done in 5 minutes with InStaff. That's a job done 60 times faster. InStaff integrated seamlessly with Parkview's Sage 300 payroll software; a few clicks, and payslips are uploaded for individual viewing on Parkview's custom InStaff portal.

" My boss at the time would say, "we didn't pay you to fold paper"... it's huge, the amount of time it's saved us.

- L, Business Services Co-ordinator

Parkview Services for Seniors

" My boss at the time would say, "we didn't pay you to fold paper"... it's huge, the amount of time it's saved us.

- L, Business Services Co-ordinator

Parkview Services for Seniors

Protecting Privacy

Manually folding and sealing payslips wasn't just time consuming – it compromised personal information. Pages could get stuck together leading to two individual's payslips in the same envelope, and employees would sometimes pick up the wrong envelope. Papers could be misplaced and viewed by anyone. Because InStaff automatically uploads payslips and requires each employee to log in with their personal credentials and password, costly privacy mistakes relating to human error were eliminated entirely.

Over 400 lbs of Paper Saved

Over the course of 3 years with InStaff, Parkview has eliminated the need for paper payslips, tax forms and envelopes – saving roughly 16,000 sheets of paper and just as many envelopes. That's over 400 lbs of paper – not to mention the associated ink.

Painless Transition

These days, the procedure of receiving and viewing payslips on InStaff is included with Parkview's orientation package for new employees. Those who transitioned from paper in 2015 found learning to use InStaff easy – regardless of their computer experience. Those who don't have printers at home are reassured by InStaff, which holds their pay history for 3 years.

Today, Parkview payroll staff get the job done faster. Receptionists don't lose time to interruptions on payday, and employees no longer worry about personal information being shared accidentally. In 3 years of use, Parkview has saved over 400 lbs of paper and a lot of ink – helping to save the environment along with time, money and energy.

InStaff is an affordable solution that helps Parkview Services for Seniors to save resources so they can focus on what they do best – providing care, housing, and community for its seniors.

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